OÜ Karsgemi was established in 2011. Company’s main activity was providing a quality accounting services. As the company evolved, different services were added – financial and personnel services, projects writings. In 2015 the company begun to provide a work environment services. The company has primarily focused on customer-friendliness, which plays an important role in service development. We want to offer so-called complex service, which allows the customer to get different services from one place and thereby save time. It is also possible to order a one time service. The company has qualified and experienced service providers and aims to raise the qualification of the employees through the trainings and keeping informed with updates.

In order to ensure quality, the company considers important employers with accountant level 5 certificate. Incase of not having certificate workers must successfully pass examination within 24 months after starting work. Whole service process is supervised by CEO, who owns accountant level 6 certificate.

Besides providing a quality service the company considers its core value ensuring staff-friendly work conditions for employers and saving natural environment.

Karsgemi OÜ has satisfied customers all over Estonia, thanks to the company’s management ability to adapt to the customer. Location in Rakvere is not an obstacle. For accounting we use the cloud software, which allows to use the program from any corner of the world. For other services it is also possible to organize things in a good way, so our location won’t cause additional cost by driving to Rakvere.

For all services we make a personal offer, so if you are interested get in contact and we will make an agreement on the services that are suitable for you and their volume and cost.

Since 2015 we are a member of Estonian Association of Small and Medium Sized Entreprises.